Data Analysis

Observation Weights for Differential Abundance of Zero-Inflated Microbiome Data with DESeq2

I recently read through Calgaro et. al. “Assessment of statistical methods from single cell, bulk RNA-seq, and metagenomics applied to microbiome data” where they examined the performance of statistical models developed for bulk RNA (RNA-seq), single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq), and microbial metagenomics to:

An Introduction to the Harrell“verse”: Predictive Modeling using the Hmisc and rms Packages

This is post is to introduce members of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center R Users Group (CCHMC-RUG) to some of the functionality provided by Frank Harrell’s Hmisc and rms packages for data description and predictive modeling.

Introduction to the Statistical Analysis of Microbiome Data in R

This post is also from the Introduction to Metagenomics Summer Workshop and provides a quick introduction to some common analytic methods used to analyze microbiome data. I thought it might be of interest to a broader audience so decided to post it here.